With more than a decade as a corporate officer and treasurer, I am bringing my board room and financial expert experience to other boards, helping each company achieve it’s goals.   


I bring my perspective as an institutional CIO to help my clients understand what its like to sit on the other side of the table. I enjoy partnering with great PE and hedge fund managers to help them understand and address their clients’ needs and perspectives. 


As an institutional investor and CIO, I have extensive experience and a deep understanding of mutual fund, ETF and ESG mechanics as well as ’40 act, cyber security and governance expertise. 


Together let’s spark strategic growth that achieves your purpose and goals. I’m passionate about kindling lasting impact while developing great relationships along the way.

Transform and Innovate

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Investment Officer

Organizational Leadership

Strategic Advisor

Board of Directors

Financial Soundboard

Corporate Change Agent

Mutual Fund Board

Group Facilitator

My experience, deep expertise and passion in investment and organizational strategy has spanned many industries, including for profit companies, nonprofits, colleges and universities, private equity firms, hedge funds, religious organizations, and more. Regardless of your industry, I’d love to hear about the needs you're working through.

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Leave a Lasting Impact

"I worked closely with Joel Wittenberg for more than 15 years in his roles as treasurer, IR and CIO, where he excelled in all of them. He has an inquisitive investment mindset with a history of identifying investment opportunities in their early stages while also structuring portfolios to protect on the downside. Additionally, as a leader and board member, Joel’s strength is motivating and driving his organizations to succeed."

John A. Bryant, former Chairman & CEO of the Kellogg Company and board member W.K. Kellogg Foundation Trust

"Joel Wittenberg volunteers and serves his alma mater as a member of the Michigan State University Research Foundation board of directors, which he joined in 2015. Joel is a leader with a strong track record of operating sophisticated investment programs. His knowledge of and relationships within the institutional asset management industry ultimately help us better serve the students, faculty and staff at Michigan State University."

David Washburn, Executive Director, Michigan State University Research Foundation

"I had the honor of reporting to Joel for ten years while he served as CIO for the Kellogg Foundation. During that time, he provided tremendous leadership through a focused vision and guided mentorship. Joel had a knack for understanding investment landscapes and managing teams to capitalize on opportunities."

Neal Graziano, Director of Investments at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation